Well it’s been a while…. The last time I posted was around 11(!!!) months ago. Life got away from us a little bit for a number of reasons: I went back to work in May and suddenly trying to fit in DIY projects, an eight month old, family time and a full time job got…

Nine Years To Go

This Saturday was the anniversary of us moving to this house. A whole year since we moved here and decided this would be our project for the next ten years. And as life does, it’s absolutely flown by. I know I did a summary of what we’d achieved already in January, so it seems a…

2017 Goals

I’m not normally one for making resolutions, but we have always used calendar years to set goals. Because we’re talking such a long period of time it often helps to split work down so that we still feel like we’re achieving things.

2016 Review

A look back on what we’ve achieved in 2016.

Room Reveal: The Nursery

It’s so lovely just to have one clean, finished room and so we try and spend as much time in here as possible. So here you have, our Nursery:

Where it all started

Rule number one: Always take the before photos.
I know this and I still forgot. So bear with me as I use the terrible photos I do have to talk you through what we actually started with.