A Few Tweaks to the Nursery

We first decorated the nursery about nine months ago. I adored it then and I still do now. I’ve mentioned a couple of times how it’s the only clean, finished room in the house and it’s really nice to just sit and enjoy the room! However as Ewan is growing up it’s not just a…

Snug Mood Board

Sometimes when you’re surrounded by dust and dirt it’s nice to dream about how things will turn out!

Planning a makeover: Welsh Dresser

When we bought the house we inherited a welsh dresser. It’s a huge piece of furniture and is probably worth a fair amount of money in good condition (which it’s not – it’s missing a couple of handles, plus it’s really worn in a couple of places). The initial plan was to paint it with chalk…

Wallpaper Dilemas

I’ve never really found a copper coloured wallpaper that I loved. All the ones I’d seen were muted shades, and didn’t really have that glorious metallic sparkle. But then around a year ago, I stumbled across one with soft greys, blush pinks and of course lots and lots of copper.

The Ten Year Project

In no particular order, here is our list of everything that needs to be done…