Finishing the Wiring

Finally! After almost five long months of wiring (and other jobs at the same time obviously) we’re at the point where it’s almost complete and we can move on to other things.

It feels like it’s taken forever to get to this point (in fact I’ve already blogged about it here and here) but it’s been hours of work to plan it all and run the cables. The difficult bit is that we’re rewiring the house in stages. The extension is obviously wired from scratch, but the rest of the house is powered by the old distribution board still (because we do need to live here at the same time!). We moved the main electricity supply last summer (it went directly into the old extension which we knocked down), and we’re phasing all of the house over to the new one as we go. This just means that we have to be extra careful as we don’t want to complete one room, then destroy it as we need to go ferreting for cables again because we’ve missed something.

We’ve also had to chase out a lot of channels on what was the old external wall (and now the internal wall between the extension and the rest of the house) to bury some cables:

The TV will sit on this wall so we needed power to it.

Further along the same wall we have plug sockets so the wires to those also needed burying.

Upstairs we needed the cables going to the light switch burying in the wall – you can see the outline of where the door through will be drawn in black marker.

The TV ariel and alarm cables are fed through the attic so we needed to hide these too.

We then had to run the cables to the new stud wall that Lee had built which includes switches for the bathroom and wardrobe and plug sockets for our bedside tables.

The last job was a case of connecting  temporary plug sockets, switches and lights up so that we could test it all.

Thankfully it all works perfectly, so this weekends push is to start the plumbing. Hopefully we’re only a week or two away from plasterboard.



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