Roof Insulation

After spending what feels like weeks and weeks running cables in the extension, it’s so exciting to be starting on some other jobs. Next on the list was getting the roof insulation in place in the extension.

Now that Ewan is going to sleep a little earlier we have some baby-free time in evenings, which is just as well because we quickly learnt that the roof insulation was a job we’d have to keep well away from him. We thought these boards would be so much nicer to install than the more traditional fiberglass roll insulation but honestly this stuff is just as bad. We were cutting it to fit in between the roof rafters and we ended up with it all over our clothes and in our eyes. Dust masks and eye goggles were a must, as was showering and changing clothes before we came back into contact with Ewan.

As we try and make sure one of us can always get to Ewan if he needs us it meant that Lee pretty much did this job single handedly which obviously I wasn’t complaining about (it really was horrible stuff).

It really looked like it would be nice and simple – we were so optimistic! The sheets aren’t cheap – around £40 each, and we didn’t think we’d have enough (we’d bought eight) but we were pleasantly surprised at how far we managed to stretch them.

We needed to use a small amount of them for the small sloped roof that we have on the ground floor:

And then the rest all went on our bedroom ceiling. We’re having a vaulted ceiling in our bedroom (there is a tiny attic throughout the middle section of the rest of the house and the rest of the upstairs rooms are in the eaves of the house) but our bedroom will have lovely tall ceilings, exposed beams and velux windows in the roof to get as much light in as possible) which means we need a fair amount of insulation to comply with building regs (as well as saving us money in the long run too).

This means that this is only the first of two layers of roof insulation – the second will be insulation attached to the ceiling plasterboard – and so insulating it all will probably cost us in excess of £600. Not the cheapest part of the project, but hopefully it’ll be worth it! We just need to save up some funds now so that we can buy the rest of it!


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  1. I didn’t mind working with this too much – after all of the hideous dust removing hundreds of years old black lime mortar from the walls, this seemed positively clean, but then we didn’t have a baby to deal with (soon though!). We also lucked out massively – husband ordered 8 small sheets, and they delivered 8 giant sheets, so big they were delivered on a flatbed lorry! I rang them as soon as I realised the mistake and they said for the price of sending out another lorry and swapping them we might as well keep them, so we got enough to do the entire room plus two more after that for free!! 🙂 We still get excited about that to this day – tragic how boring we have become! x


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