A Wall and a Door

I know I am so behind with blog posts and this is a really short one and yet another ugly update from us, this time in the shape of some stud walls. This was last weekend’s relatively quick job as the lack of walls was holding back the final bits of wiring. This partition is in the upstairs extension and will be the wall in between the master bedroom and the en-suite and wardrobe.


Now that the wall is in place, we’ve been able to run the wires for the light switches that will be fasten onto this wall:


The view facing back into the existing house. You might recognise the other side of that brickwork from this post.


Ewan and I inspecting Lee’s handywork!

In other news I’ve mentioned before that Lee had to build a wall between the house and extension, and that short term we’d left a piece of plywood covering the gap that would eventually be the door…

Well here is the door finally fitted:


That wall Lee built is hiding behind the bookcase.

It’s missing all of the finishing details (like architrave and a handle) but it’s so much easier to be able to walk through the two rooms!

So lots of little bits of progress are happening all of the time. To everyone  else it’s a room that hasn’t changed much in months, but to us we see all of the meters of wiring and get so excited that this major milestone is almost done!

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