Pretty Little Wires

I’m the first to admit that wiring isn’t normally pretty, however right now it’s one of the major hurdles between having an extension that it livable and so having the wiring in place is a major box ticked off!

Lee and his dad spent most of their Sunday running the cables for all of the downstairs electrics. This included power sockets, lighting sockets (the 5amp sockets that you can only plug lights into) and the main lights. Obviously this was after various conversations with me being a diva deciding where we want the lights to go. In fact on Sunday morning I wasted about another hour arguing with them about it again. (Sometimes I’m not sure how they put up with me!)

But now we have all of the cables in place including the main light switches which will be on the wall as you walk into our living room. This was the wall that had to be specifically built for them:


All of the cables are run for the downstairs lighting too. They run through the ceiling joists – the boards above them is the temporary flooring upstairs:


We’re not putting a pendant light in the center of our living room – the ceiling height really doesn’t allow for this, so we’re having to come up with some more creative solutions! We’ve run this cable just in case we change our mind though:


This is how everything is looking downstairs now:


Upstairs there is slightly less (and Lee still has a couple of things to finish off):


Again, the cables are run for the light switches and the outline on the door is where our door will be. We need to knock through soon – another exciting job!


Next we need to get the stud wall up between our bedroom and the en-suite. This means we can get all of the plumbing in and then finally start to get some plaster on the walls. We’re getting there!

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