Workshop update

In this post I talked about how we’re extending the workshop and I wanted to share a bit of the progress we’ve made. I mentioned how we had to create a boundary fence as part of the agreement when we bought the house and so we built the walls of the new workshop as in the long run this would be cheaper then putting up a fence and having to remove it when we started to build the workshop.

I’ve already shared this photo, which shows off the work we’ve already done:


But today I wanted to talk about the front of the workshop. You’ll notice above that on the left of that picture there is a brick column. Obviously the workshop is a brick building and we want to try and extend it to look the same.

Whilst the plan is to build the extension in concrete blocks (as they’re much cheaper!) we want the front to look a little nicer. We have beautiful rustic bricks on the workshop and we want to try and match the front of the extension to these as closely as possible so the columns on either side of where the garage doors will be have been finished in brick too:


It’s really difficult to get a good photo of them as they currently face the side existing garage (which is due to be demolished).

So far so good, and all fairly nice and easy…

However in the middle of the original workshop and the new extension is a concrete built building with an ugly edging to it.concrete-building You can see the extension on the right.

To hide this, we’re covering it in the same bricks we’ve used, which Lee has cut with a circular saw to make them as thin as possible:


Our amazing builder has built this part of the extension with every other brick stepped back slightly so that we’ll be able to cement them all on and you *shouldn’t* be able to tell it’s any different:


It’s now another job that’s been added onto a waiting list of things to get finished, but the one Lee tested (the bottom one) looks brilliant so it’ll be exciting to see it when the whole wall gets done:


What do you think of our solution?

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  1. Genius! Looks great and you won’t be able to tell the difference once it’s all done! 🙂 x

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