It isn’t all fun and games…

I think the January blues have well and truly kicked in (I know we’re in February!). We had all of December ‘off’ to take a break from the house and spend time as a little family. January meant we started back on the house but a lot of the work that Lee had to do was bricking up walls, and wiring which doesn’t really look like progress is being made. It’s annoying him as he feels things are moving so slowly, and every time I come to write a blog post I realise things haven’t really progressed visually. (The only pictures I have are of the other opening between the two rooms being blocked up – no more plywood walls!)

What’s not helping, is that we need to make decisions now about where fireplaces, plug sockets, lights and TV ariels need to go so we’re focussing on what will be finished rooms when really we’re still a very, very long way away from that.


As well as that we’re both feeling tired. Ewan isn’t sleeping particularly well at the moment, so I do most of the night time get ups then have him all day and want a bit of a break in the evening (half an hour for a shower would be nice!) – Lee works all day and then comes home and starts working on the house so I don’t get that break, and Lee just ends up exhausted.


We knew what we were letting ourselves in for, and we knew this would be tough with highs and lows, but this is definitely a low moment. It will be lovely when we sit down to watch a film in the evening and don’t have to look at breezeblock walls everywhere! The plan is to have a massive push this coming weekend to try and get all of the wiring in the extension finished, then it’s just the plumbing before we can start to get some plasterboard on the walls and then I’m hoping things will suddently start to feel better!

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  1. I so understand. We are feeling the same – everything needs doing but nothing much looks like it is coming along and in the evenings we are exhausted, and we don’t even have a baby to look after yet! (Hoping to get the bulk done before the baby arrives because I know it will slow right down after!).
    Keep going – it is such slow progress but it IS progress and soon you will realise you are nearly there and suddenly it will all feel worth it! x


    1. A Bit of Copper says:

      I’m hoping that now that Ewan is a bit older and we can put him down for the night earlier we’ll have evenings back to get things done! Honestly having a sling has been a godsend because there are still some jobs we’re able to do with him around!


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