Planning a makeover: Welsh Dresser

When we bought the house we inherited a welsh dresser. It’s a huge piece of furniture and is probably worth a fair amount of money in good condition (which it’s not – it’s missing a couple of handles, plus it’s really worn in a couple of places).


The initial plan was to paint it with chalk paint and sell it on (I’m not a shabby chic girl and so didn’t think it would fit with plans for the house!). But then we moved it from the kitchen where it originally lived, to the snug and it became the storage for various alcohol bottles…


Despite me pestering Lee to let me get a bar cart for ages, he’s point blank refused. He hates them (and I’ve shown him hundreds!). Thing is, he loves having the dresser on hand, for drinks in the evening in front of a film and so now the plan is to try and sympathetically incorporate it into the plans for the room.

Which is where we hit problems!


I think in an ideal world Lee would like to sand it back and have it plain wood and have it looking something like this:


On the other hand, I’m swaying to something a bit more like this:


Or my personal favourite:


Isn’t it beautiful! I appreciate that our cabinet might be a bit too ornate for this, but I love it!

I’ve also had a look for things that compromise what we both want, such as this beautiful make over from Colour Saturated Life, but I’m worried that it won’t be in keeping with the room and we’ll end up looking a little too shabby chic again:


It’ll all depend on what colour and styles we end up choosing for the snug. What do you think? Any personal favourites? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Sara says:

    Hi, very intrigued to know what you decided on for your dresser. I have one almost identical which I have inherited and want to transform it into a bar too. Would love to see your end result!



    1. A Bit of Copper says:

      Right now it’s sat there just waiting… I’m hoping we’ll be working on it in the next 6 months or so. The plan is to try and get a satin paint finish (possibly a very dark grey – almost black) with copper hinges and handles. I’ll keep you posted!


  2. Susanna says:

    That is a lovely piece of furniture! You might consider painting sections but leaving some sections as the wood is now. Sounds horrible but I have done a unit recently where I planned to decoupage sections but actually ended up painting or leaving as the original colour as it popped out against the paint I had used. The wall unit I transformed was nowhere near the quality you have in that piece but I also think your unit would look great if you removed the two top doors and the bottom middle door. At the bottom you could place a wooden wine rack to fit the current cupboard space as it would look balanced with the two remaining doors. I can’t wait to see what you eventually do!


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