The reason we’re extending the workshop…

I’ve mentioned on multiple occasions that we bought a house that we really didn’t like. The main reason for this was we had a very very long wish list, and we were never going to get everything we wanted without compromising on something.

The thing we didn’t compromise on was the outbuildings that Lee wanted. The house had a huge workshop, additional store and large garage. It was all the space we could ever need…

…Until my father in law suggested we extend it!

Obviously this is going to cost a fair amount of money, and lots of people think I’m crazy for ‘allowing’ it (as though it’s my choice as opposed to a mutual decision!), especially as work has started on it already waaaaay before we have nice bathrooms, kitchens or bedrooms!

You’d think we have enough space right?


We already have a fair size building already. That whole brick building is workshop. The building with the white door to the right is the store and you can also see the garage on the edge of the photo.

But actually, extending it makes a lot of sense for various reasons:

1. It keeps Lee happy.

This is obviously the biggest reason, because he is spending hundreds (well into the thousands by the time this will be finished) of hours diy-ing this house for us. That’s hours and hours out in the cold and dark. So surely it’s only fair that he has a place he loves to do this work? And whilst the concept of loving a dusty, dirty space is completely lost on me, Lee is the type of guy who loves collecting old tools, and finding jobs to use them on. (Examples of said tools are below!)


2. Doing the work now actually saves us money

The extension is filling a corner at the back of our plot which we negotiated as part of our offer on the house (the previous owner also owns the plot behind our house too). Part of the deal includes erecting a boundary fence, and therefore building the walls of the workshop now saves us wasting money on a fence that we’d only take down in a few years.

3. Its a much better use of the space

The existing buildings (store and garage) mean that actually this additional land would be impossible to get to from our side and would be useless, so moving the building into this space is a much better way to use it. The plan then will be to demolish the existing garage (which is a really ugly building anyway!).

4. We actually need the storage

Which sounds ridiculous as we have a really good sized house, but as the upstairs rooms are essentially in the eaves we have no attic space. This means certain things (Christmas decorations etc) need to be kept outside, and we need a dry, warm space to store them in.

5. It gives us a better sized garden

By demolishing the old garage we free up lots more space for driveway and garden. It also leaves us with a nice ‘L’ shaped arrangements to our buildings as the workshop will run at 90 degrees to the house.


The walls for the new extension to fill the corner plot (the photo is taken from the plot behind us – the walls are on our boundary).

6. It hides the ugly oil tank

We have no mains gas at our house, so our central heating runs from an oil tank on top of the flat roofed workshop (that’s the green thing you can see in the photo above). The plan is to move this slightly, and then extend the slate roof across the rest of the buildings so that it gets covered up.

(He made a good case for it didn’t he?!)

It will mean that we end up with something like this:


So, as with everything we’re doing here, it’ll be slow progress as we’re doing it all ourselves but I’m excited about what we’ll hopefully end up with! (With essentially is just a glorified man cave isn’t it!).


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