A Copper Christmas

I adore Christmas.

My decorations go up religiously on December 1st and I am definitely one of those ‘why have one tree when you can have two…’ types of people.

This year is a little different as not only is the house is such a state that no amount of decorations will make it look pretty, but we tend to collect decorations to compliment a room and the shape and layout of it and as this is a new house, and the layout is about to change, we just stuck with what we had already and made the best of a bad situation.


Christmas at our house is obviously copper (what else!). We used to do very traditional red, gold and green but then as copper became more popular, and decorations were more readily available we started to stock up and switch.


(Sorry there is no ‘full shot’ of the tree or the room – it’s currently that ugly that there is absolutely no point! It only detracts from the decorations!)


What I love the most about the decorations is they’re the ‘leftovers’ from our wedding. These wooden disks were our seating plan (named after lakes in the Lake District which is where we try and spend so much of our free time), the sticks in the tree were our center pieces, and our wedding favours were wooden decorations which we also hang up.



Our wedding car was my Land Rover, and we decorated it with the same copper ribbon that we used to make these bows.

Our anniversary is on the third of January, which means the decorations stay up for it, and it’s lovely to have so many memories of our wedding day around us.



We only have our tree, and garlands on the stairs, dresser and mantelpiece this year, and so they’re are all in one room.


I decided not decorate the kitchen (and obviously our other reception room doesn’t even have plasterboard on never mind Christmas decs) as a new baby, holiday the week before December and all the things we have to with the house meant we’ve been a little busy, so we’re relatively thin on the ground with the decorations this year.


We usually have the dining table styled for Christmas too, but as it’s packed away in the garage I just got our golden Rudolph out to keep the whisky company!



I have to admit that it’s so lovely to have them up. They’re hiding wires, wooden walls and exposed plumbing at the moment and it’s wonderful to have the house feeling just that little bit nicer.

So what do you think? Are you a traditional decorator or do you prefer an alternate colour scheme?

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