And the final job before Christmas!

After working flat out for months, Lee promised me that he was taking December off (apart from a couple of ‘pottering’ jobs – he is a man who cannot sit still!). The final job we wanted to finish was to get the new extension weather tight.

This consisted of being rendered, painted, the small ground floor roof at the back of the house finished and the glass fitted in the windows.

There are only a few jobs that Lee won’t attempt and plastering and rendering are two of them so it was over to a professional once again.

Being the contrary people that we are, we decided last minute we wanted to make another change. Originally we’d put the patio doors back in at the back of the house, but this would mean there would be patio doors not just at the back, but eventually from the conservatory too. It felt like a lot of doors, and a bit of a waste of wall space. Instead we decided to put the patio doors at the end of the house (they’ll eventually lead through to the conservatory) and have a window at the back instead. This meant Lee had to do a bit of brick work himself, but we’re happier with the final layout.


You can see at the back where the roof needs finishing.

We opted for a sand and cement render. The top photo is of the first scratch coat. The bottom photo is the smooth finish.


As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, the whole house needs re-rendering. As we still need to do a lot of work to the existing building (moving windows, putting in doors) we’ve chosen not to do this yet. Hopefully, we’ll tackle it next summer.

For the time being it means the old part and the new part of the house don’t match, but that’s something we’ll just have to deal with. We debated painting it all the same colour, but that seemed an unnecessary expense when we’ll only be knocking more holes in the walls in a couple of months time.


The front all finished for the time being.


The patio doors in their new place at the end of the house. This is where we’ll add the conservatory.


The back of the extension with the roof completely finished.


So there you go. It’s not finished by any stretch of the imagination – but when you compare the before and after…

…then I think we’ve done okay!

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