When the Roofer Doesn’t Show…

So our builder had arranged our roofer. We started to get suspicious about him when we had to chase him a week before he was due to start work, and he still hadn’t checked that we’d ordered the correct materials.

He showed up once to look over the site, and then never turned up again. You win some, you lose some.

Meanwhile, I’d finally had the baby! On September 2nd, and after a four day labour, Ewan dragged his lazy self into the world!

Luckily for us Lee had two weeks off on paternity leave, and as we were in early September and weather was good, he thought he’d learn to do the roof himself…


We are incredibly lucky that our parents gave up days to help us out, and they managed to get most of the work done in around three days, meaning Lee didn’t miss out too much time with us on his leave.


Ewan making his first appearance at around 5 days old (and Harvey and Rory too as they have to be in every photo they could possibly be in!).

You can see the start he made to the roof in the background of this photo. The boys have got the membrane on, and the batons that will support the roof tiles. As the roof from the  existing part of the house was in good condition and needed nothing changing, all they needed to do was line the batons up with the existing ones that were already in place.



Amazingly, we’re on a flight path for local airshows, so they happened to be on the roof when a Lancaster Bomber flew over. This photo was taken when it was banking back around, but Lee said they were close enough to see the pilot when it flew over the house.

It was then a case of lining the slates (we used reclaimed ones to match the existing slates) up with the original roof, and fitting the velux windows before finally cementing the ridge tiles in place.


They made it sound so simple when I’m sure it was anything but. Genuinely though, they have done a fantastic job, and you’d never know that it wasn’t done by a professional roofer.

The only bit left to finish at this point is the roof on the lean to. It had planks on it that we could walk on, and we wanted to leave this in place until after we’d had the building rendered and painted.



What do you think? Haven’t they done a brilliant job?

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