The Only Way is Up

So with my due date looming (two weeks to go!) we were all finished and the builder took over the job and started to take the walls up again!


The point the builder started at.

The two plywood boards on the external walls were where the old doors to the original extension used to be. If you remember from my previous post we’d poured the slab for the conservatory too, but have no plans to build this for the next few years, so the builder was only working on the main house.

Initially we had plans to put the patio doors back at the back of the house, but more central to where they were before as they were offset to accommodate the original exterior toilet (which we’re not putting back in – instead we’re having a bigger living room).

I seem to say this a lot, but the next photos aren’t pretty! Even if I was a brilliant photographer I’m not sure I could make concrete breeze block look nice!


Eventually we want bi-folding doors between the living room and the conservatory and so we’ve added the steel beam to support this now so we don’t have to do more building work when we come to adding the conservatory.


The next steels to go in are the ones to hold our bedroom floor up:supporting-steels

Followed by the block work starting on the upstairs of the extension:


We want the beams holding the roof up in wood so that we can expose them in our bedroom ceiling. This means they’re much bigger than we’d need them to be if we were using steel. They’re pretty huge:


So big in fact that we had to get a crane to move them into place (and not a small crane either!):


The beams in place in our bedroom ceiling.


All in all it took around three weeks from start to finish for all of the block work to be finished. In fact it even beat the baby who by this point was almost a week overdue and showing absolutely no signs of wanting to make an appearance!

Then the project was meant to be handed over to the roofer…

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