Time for a change…

Our love/hate relationship with DIY started when we bought our first house together in May 2011. I was a fresh graduate, and Lee had been working in his first professional job for a few months, and so money was tight and we were fairly inexperienced at renovating.

Fast forward five years, and we’d changed the windows, re-plastered, ripped out the old kitchen and bathroom, fitted new ones, tiled, plumbed, laid laminate and carpets, fitted a log burner and painted many, many walls.

We always knew our first time house would be a short term project; it helped to get us established on the property market, build up some equity in property and be a place to live before we started a family.

However leaving our comfortable, ‘finished’ home…








to,  well….



…was much harder to do than we’d realised. It was the house we’d made five years of memories in, had got married from and was the house we found out two were becoming three in. As soon as we realised I was pregnant it was a ‘now or never’ situation, and so we put our little house on the market and it sold within a week.

Our little end terrace was THE perfect first home for us and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry like a baby as we drove away for the last time. But onwards and upwards…

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