When the ceiling fell down…

You know how they say it’s two steps forward and one step back? Well a few months after finally finishing our living room…

we noticed a weird crack in the ceiling. Obviously the next step was to poke a hole in it and inspect it a bit and we very quickly realised that there was water on the other side of the crack.

Within a couple of days the  crack had grown and was looking rather ominous:

The en-suite is directly above the bathroom and clearly something was leaking, but as the bathroom floor had been tiled the easiest way to find out what would mean going through the living room ceiling. It was fairly heartbreaking pulling down months of work but needs must and all that…

When we finally pulled all of the sodden insulation out of the way we realised the leak was coming from the cold water feed to the toilet. One of the T-connectors was connected to a pipe at a very tight angle (to fit through all the joists up there) and so the seal wasn’t as good as it should be.

We replaced the connector and then started to strip the ruined plasterboard back to ‘good’ bits:

The last thing we wanted to do was patch the hole up with plasterboard to have it leak again, but we didn’t want to leave al lof the insulation exposed and able to fall down when the kids were playing, so we covered the hole up with some old curtains as a make-shift solution:

Once we were happy (about three weeks later I think!) that we’d fixed the problem, we patched the hole with plasterboard. Obviously, there is now a big plasterboard coloured square in our gloss white ceiling, which definitely stands out (not helped by the fact that our ceilings are so low it’s literally eye level when you walk into the room). The plan will be to get it replastered when we have other bits in the house done, but that won’t be for at least twelve months. So for the time being we’re living with this:

The only saving grace is that it happened right next to where the ceiling was already damaged – a part that wouldn’t have been worthwhile fixing but now we will do – so at least there is a silver lining.