We’ve moved the upstairs walls

As is often the case, we’ve finally achieved a major milestone and I’m sat going through the photos ready to write this post and I realise that:

  1. The photos don’t do justice to quite how much work has gone in to get to this point
  2. The photos literally look worse now then when we started!

But…(drum roll)…all of the walls for this phase of work are now in the right place. In fact, with the exception of a couple of tiny tweaks to rooms we’re not planning to touch for a year or two, the entire layout of the house is finally in the right place.

If you’ve not been reading regularly, we’ve been doing quite a lot of work to move the ‘middle third’ of our house around. This included:

  • Moving the stairs out of the back of the ‘snug’ to the front of the house
  • Creating a ‘hallway’ between the living room and kitchen that incorporated the stairs
  • Installing a front door
  • Creating a landing space for the new stairs out of what was originally the smallest bedroom (and more recently was a passage to the extension upstairs)
  • Moving the wall in the original master bedroom and making this room slightly smaller
  • Combining this extra bit of space with the old stairs void to make an office

So if you didn’t keep up with all of the above then if you look at the middle section of these floor plans you’ll hopefully get a better idea of what we’ve been up to:

This weekend saw the final piece of the puzzle as we finished building the new stud walls upstairs. Of course I’ve taken very few before pictures, but here are the best I could find:

This view feels like forever ago. The wall on the right has been taken down, the stairs have come out and there’s a new floor in place. The small window has gone and it’s been replaced by a bigger one, installed higher up.

In fact, standing in the same spot, it now looks like this:

(Like I said it looks worse than it did before!)

Here’s all the work to get it to this point:

And then from some different angles…

Looking into Ewan’s room (on the right) instead of into the office:

Standing in Ewan’s room and looking back out at the landing:

And then standing further back into the landing (the gate is at the top of the stairs to the right of the image) with the opening directly in front into my office and the room to it’s right being Ewan’s new room.

We’ve had a really long to-do list on our phones for a few weeks now with a list of jobs of things to make ‘worse’ before we can start plumbing, wiring and plastering and we’re so close to the end of them. We’re really hoping we might be able to get them finished by the end of July (so in about a week!!) so it’s a really big achievement that we’ve managed to get these walls done.

We’re now able to get plasterboard on one side of them (we’ll do this first as we’ll be able to wire up the house without any wires exposed to the boys). The door frames are also in and fitted, so we’ll get dust covers over these openings too so that we can try and keep mess confined to the rooms we’re working on.

It’s been a mega push over the last four or five months, but I’m so proud of the amount we’ve been able to get done. We’ve changed so much of the layout of the house, and even though it doesn’t look even close to finished, it just feels like it makes more sense. Walking around we’re so happier. We were so lucky to have had the benefit of living in the house for three years before we did this as we were able to really get to know what spaces we like and use. I really think we’ve got this so right, so I can’t wait to get these rooms done so we can start to use them!