Wallpaper Dilemas

About a month ago I was talking to Lee’s cousin and we were discussing how we’re terrible for loving things that are trending. We both work in marketing, and she said this was the reason we do this. Now whether it is or not I’m not sure – but I like her theory! I adore marble and want to use it everywhere. My go to neutral used to be ivory – it’s now grey. I have developed a sudden fondness for gold metals despite me hating them no more than two years ago…

I do try and restrain myself from using them too much when decorating though as rooms suddenly look that bit more generic and I think I’d find myself having to replace things too often.

On the other hand, despite all of it’s recent popularity, Copper is my colour. I have loved it for years. When we got engaged 6 years ago the one thing I knew was that copper was our wedding colour scheme .

As wonderful as it is that copper homewares have been readily available, I really have to stop myself buying lots of copper things and filling my house up (I definitely display magpie like tendencies). Despite this I’ve never really found a copper coloured wallpaper that I loved. All the ones I’d seen were muted shades, and didn’t really have that glorious metallic sparkle.

But then around a year ago, I stumbled across a wallpaper in my local B&Q of all places. It was a butterfly meets dragon fly pattern with soft greys, blush pinks and of course lots and lots of copper:

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It was everything that we’re not: pretty, frilly and girly.

I told myself it was too girly, I’m not a girly girl and Lee absolutely hated it. But for some reason I couldn’t get it out of my head. I went back for samples and spent months trying to persuade Lee to let me use it in our new bedroom, and he just kept saying no.

I’m ashamed to say that I actually cried over this and Lee, being the wonderful person he is, recognised pregnancy hormones, admitted defeat and let me have this one. (I’ve since pointed out that it’s only fair given the workshop situation!)

We were no where near ready to decorate the bedroom (we hadn’t even built it at the time!) so I stocked up on the paper so that if it wasn’t stocked anymore I could still have it and I was so happy that I was definitely having this paper.

But then last week I came across this one from Graham and Brown:

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It has ALL of the trends from last year: marble, rose gold, beautiful greys, blush, and geometric patterns.

I’m fairly certain Lee will hate it as much as my original choice but oh my word I adore it. So much so that I ordered a sample…

And I know that it will probably date really quickly, but I want it so much!

It’s obviously an additional cost as I already have the original wallpaper (and this one is more expensive to begin with) plus I do really like the one I already have.

At some point I’m also going to have to come clean to Lee about it too and he will not be impressed! (To be honest, he reads this blog so he’ll find out about this when he reads this post!).

So please help me! Which one do I pick?