Tiling the Bathroom

By the time we were ready to tile the bathroom I was around 38 weeks¬† pregnant. I was adamant that I wouldn’t be without a bath during labour so the plan was to start tiling from the far end of the bathroom and work back towards the door. This meant that as soon as the tiles were up around the bottom half of the room we could (in theory) fit the bath, even if the other half of the room wasn’t ready.

I was also adamant I wanted underfloor heating in the bathroom. We bought one of these kits from eBay and got to work. It came with heating mats that needed snaking around the floor. We needed to ensure that we covered the areas that would be walked on but didn’t waste it by putting on areas such as under the bath as obviously you pay more if you buy a bigger area. We also needed to make sure the bath legs wouldn’t sit on the wires (we didn’t want all that weight on them). The wire to the controls then run up the doorway and through the wall to a panel in our bedroom (it’s not advised you have the controls in the bathroom).

The white drawings on the floor are where bath legs will be – so we know where to avoid.

We’d agreed on a classic grey colour scheme for the tiles so that the white of the porcelain and the warmth of the wooden sink shelf would stand out against it.

We decided on black riven slate tiles on the floor and a concrete effect style on the walls. All of the tiles were 30X60 as we felt that different patterns but the same size would keep things consistent.

The only exception to this was the wall behind the bath, which we decided to use a split slate effect tile. After ordering about five samples, our favourites were these ones. This wall has an up-lighter on the floor which lights it up, so we felt a different effect behind the bath would be a lovely point in the room to draw the eye to.

Tiling is one of the jobs I’m allowed to help with so we ended up with a good system of Lee’s dad measuring tiles, me cutting them, and Lee fitting them for about 10 days straight after we’d got in from work and got Ewan to bed.

Irritatingly we’d slightly miscalculated (our slopped ceilings means there’s more wastage then we’d anticipated – we could have used these pieces but we wouldn’t have had the ‘good’ uncut sides of the tiles where we wanted them) so we had to order another 6 tiles. We had them all measured and ready to go (with a template cut ready for two of the difficult ones).

We found another supplier who could get them to us ‘next day’ (it was a weekend so it was actually about three days later) but would mean that we’d just about finish it all on time before my due date. I worked until I was 39 weeks pregnant, and on my final week of pregnancy Ewan still had one day left in nursery so the tiles arrived and I was straight out to the workshop (in Lee’s ‘work’ clothes as there was no way i was getting mine on by that stage!) getting the last few tiles cut so he could fit them as soon as he got back from work. (He had an early finish and he even managed to get them fitted before we had to pick Ewan up from nursery!)

The following couple of evenings were spent grouting the tiles. Amazingly we’d got everything finished for the day after my due date, so it was actually a job well done!