The Snug Floor Slab

This is the final ‘messy’ job. Well okay, lets be honest all jobs are messy. But this is the last job in terms of constructing (or reconstructing) the middle bit of our house. I’m going to do a full recap of all of the work in the next week, so I’m not going to go into much detail now, but essentially we’ve moved walls, windows, beams, stairs and chimneys and this job was the last one before we were able to start the first fix!

If you saw my post last week you’ll know we had a big channel in our downstairs floor that we’d cut out for the air vent for the new log burner. Here’s what it looked like a week ago:

We had the concrete arrive ready mixed (we often mix our own but there was enough to mean it was more time efficient to get it off the back of a wagon) and then it was moved into the house via wheelbarrows:

Lee and his Dad leveled it all as it was being poured.

Before floating it to get it as smooth as possible:

We’d built some shuttering at the end of the pipe so that we could feed the air intake up for the stove – the wooden shuttering gets removed once the cement has set.

This is how the floor is looking with the slab in place:

We noticed that once corner of the room sloped away a little bit from the rest of the level. It wouldn’t have been noticeable enough to make much difference – but we’re building a chimney breast in that part of the room so the mortar and lintel wouldn’t have lined up so we poured some self leveling screed down in this corner:

(We did this two days after pouring the concrete – just to let it go off properly).

We (of course) left a message in the concrete as it was going off. Lee and I did this at our last house so it was too good an opportunity not to take advantage and leave one here too.

We’ll hopefully manage to squeeze in a couple of weeks of evenings ‘off’ by that I mean sitting down drawing plans instead of doing physical work but fingers crossed we’ll be on with the plumbing and wiring very soon!