The old stairs are out!

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about some of the things I hated about the house. We’d bought a project, and knew we’d need to live with it for a few years. We were trying not to make the mistake of starting too many projects at once (and then not finishing anything!) and so instead we realised we’d need to live with a fairly dysfunctional living room for a few years.

It was dated, and impractical but for two years this was the space we spent most of our time in:

I hated those stairs. I hated that column in the middle of the room. They were a terrible combination and we couldn’t fit furniture anywhere in the room! That door was also depressing (I’m not a fan of the dark door!).

Three years on, we have a living room in our extension, and we’re working on sorting out the living space in the ‘original’ part of the house.  The doorway has moved (into the corner, not the middle of the room), the column is out, and finally the stairs are coming out too:

Unsurprisingly they didn’t come out easily! (Everything is this house is cemented in!).

Lee literally had to saw them up and pull them out in about three sections!

Once the stairs were out we could turn our attention to these ‘delightful’ wardrobes:

I spent the best part of 18 months facing these every night (they’re in Ewan’s new room, which was the original master) and again, can’t claim to have ever loved them! Once we pulled them out, we also pulled down the stud wall that was left behind:

Making a fair amount of mess in the process.

The space that’s left will be turned into two different rooms. (The stud work isn’t there any more, but apparently I didn’t take a photo without it!). The line to the right of it is where the wardrobe was. This will now be the diving wall between Ewan’s new room, and my (tiny!) office.

Obviously we need to get a floor in, so the next step is to get some joists in place, and a floor down but I’ll be honest and say this was probably one of the most satisfying jobs we’ve done in months. Out with the old and all that!