The Kitchen Reveal

I talked last week about how in a moment of madness we decided we didn’t have enough going on so we’d decorate our kitchen ahead of Christmas. Have a read of this post to understand the reasons behind the madness.

If you don’t have time to read the post, here’s a quick update. We set ourselves a budget of £160 to update this room and make it feel more ‘livable’. (We’ll be doing major work to it in around two years, so we didn’t want to feel like we’d wasted money or over complicate the job).

Here’s how it looked:


And here’s how it looks now:

It’s by no means perfect. The colour on the walls came from mixing all of the greys we had left from the nursery, so it’s inevitably a bluer grey then we’d have picked ourselves. All of the walls that we’ve filled are far from perfect, but at least they’re not holes or exposed brickwork (and for the most part we’ve been able to put things in front of them!). The chimney breast wall was uneven, so the wallpaper isn’t quite perfect (nor is it a pattern and colour that we’d have probably picked ourselves for this room) but on the whole considering we turned it around in the budget we did, in a total of 10 days we’re so much happier with the space now.

If you take out the cost of the items we bought from IKEA (shelves, storage containers, rails etc which will 100% be reused when we finally do the kitchen properly) then the budget looks like this:

  • Filler, free, my parents gave us their leftovers!
  • Wallpaper, free, as above!
  • Paint, free, we mixed all the left over grey shades we had!
  • Tile paint, £15, wilkos
  • Chalkboard wall, £7, wilkos
  • Grout pen, £5, Asda
  • Door/beam paint, free, left over from PVC samples
  • Table and chair paint, free, as above.

So that’s a total of £27. Which isn’t too bad if I say so myself. The IKEA bits came in at £117 too so we are completely under budget.

What do you think of our budget makeover? An improvement? Or not?