The En Suite Reveal

Almost a year ago, I was overdue and very (very!) large. We’d been rushing to finish the bathroom in time for my due date. When we had Ewan I was in labour for four days and hospital kept sending me home ‘for a bath’ (which we didn’t have). I was adamant that this time would be different and I would have some place relaxing and tranquil to use.

(Turns out it was pointless because Harris arrived so quickly that 10 minutes after I got in the bath I had to get out again and go to hospital but we were expecting another long labour!).

I spent most of my first week on Maternity leave tiling the bathroom (Ewan was still in nursery two days a week at this point) and finally, the day after my due date, it was all finished.

It’s taken me a year to add the finishing touches but it’s finally at the point where I’m  happy to share. So without further ado, here is our en suite:

The toilet roll holder is by Lyon Beton and was probably our biggest splurge.

We wanted a grown up, tranquil space for our bathroom: fuss free, but still beautiful and elegant. I wanted it to have a nod to nordic forest spas so it could be a haven to escape the chaos of young children and building work.

I really wanted polished concrete walls but they had so many practical issues and realistically were so far out of our budget we never really considered them. Concrete effect tiles were an obvious solution. Lee was the one who pushed for slate and I love how the colours, sizes and textures of the different tiles compliment each other.

We were also keen to have a lot of natural touches in here. A mixture of real and artificial plants, and lots of wooden elements: the bamboo bath shelf, the blind and the cabinet.

The towels are ‘best’ (boys aren’t allowed to use them!) and from Christy.

The toothbrushes we have are from Bam and Boo. Not only are they eco friendly, but I love how beautiful they are and how well they match.

The long term plan for the bath is to swap the claw feet and to make a new stand out of wood, but as always other priorities have cropped up so it’s one to add to the backlog for now.

I was keen to have something beautiful as our bathroom cabinet and after searching for what felt like month I stumbled across this one called Odin by Habitat. We have a lot of harsh lines in our bathroom: the sloped ceiling and all of the tiles and so the round mirror compliments our sink and just softens the bathroom a bit.

It’s only a small cabinet, but it’s unobtrusive and can fit enough of the things we need in it.