The Chimney Breast Comes Down

After getting the beams in place to support the chimney breast, the builders were able to start pulling it down.

This was one of the biggest changes – the chimney breast was massive and took up so much space in each of the rooms.

It was also a really messy job. The plan was to try and live in the house as they were doing the work, but after one day we realised we’d need to move out (and in with my mum!) the amount of dust was insane, and I’m glad we had the boys out of the way for the chimney breast coming down as it just made such a mess. The builders were black from top to toe from all of the soot that had been building up for decades.

The chimney breast once the fire surround and hearth had been removed.

The scar in the bedroom upstairs once the bricks were out.

And the scar downstairs in the Snug.

In addition to this, having the chimney breast down meant that there was literally a hole from the top to the bottom of the house (some of the photos you can see straight up out of the chimney on the roof) but this would mean that we’d have to make sure the boys couldn’t get into the upstairs rooms as they’d be able to fall through the gap.

Of course, at almost three, Ewan is perfectly capable of opening doors and so it was just easier to remove them from the situation. (Much to his disgust as he wanted to see what the ‘Builder Man’ was doing).

The view up the chimney breast scar – the white pipes are in the bedroom floor, and the red beams are the ones we just fitted in the attic. The two holes are the sky through the chimney pots!

The hole it’s left in the floor – standing in the bedroom looking down to the snug.

The pile of rubble outside – our old chimney breast!

So that’s it down! It seems almost sad – a fireplace is such a heart of the home – but at least we’ll be putting another one back in that room.