Summer 2018 Work on the Garden

Wasn’t it just the most amazing summer this year? With all of the good weather and the fact that Lee had a week’s holiday in between jobs we took advantage and swapped our focus to the garden.

I mentioned in this post that one of the things that we were really keen to do was to turn an unused and unsafe space (complete with boards full of nails) into somewhere safe for the kids to run around.

Essentially it was an overgrown area that we’re planning to turn into our main outdoor eating and cooking area, so eventually we’ll be laying a patio. As a result it made sense to pull out all of the brambles and weeds and cover it with the hardcore we’d be using as the base level of the patio eventually anyway.

We had hired a digger and dumper truck so that we could do some work to drains at the front of the house so we took advantage and spent a good five days ‘ripping the garden up’ (otherwise known as entertaining the toddler).

This area is directly outside the slab that will eventually become our conservatory (we poured the slab when we built the extension). The more we thought about it, the more we realised we’d rushed our initial plans, and instead we wanted a different shape to the conservatory. Instead of the diagonal edges we had- we wanted a plain rectangular shape. The only problem was we had drains running under where this additional slab would need to go. So they needed moving too…

The joints in the pipe are new – it used to run at a 45 degree angle, parallel to the slab.

As well as all this there was one section of fence that didn’t match the wooden panel style than ran around the rest of the garden, so once again ‘because we had the digger’ meant we decided to rip the old fence (and concrete fence posts) out too. (And in doing so made the part of garden we were trying to make child-friendly exposed to the road…we’ll get a new fence up again one day!).

Once we’d cleared everything out of the way and dug out the space for the new patio it was a case of leveling everything…

…making shuttering for the new conservatory slab and pouring the concrete…

The gap the concrete was poured into.

…fitting a drain to where the patio doors will eventually be and connecting it into the existing drains…

…and spreading and levelling the hardcore to ‘put us on’ for the time being.

It was a lot of effort, in absolutely blistering heat, to not really look like we’ve done that much but we’ve hopefully got the garden in a much better position to spend some time sorting it out properly next year. We have massive plans and want to use it as much as possible when the kids are young so watch this space.