Starting to wire up the extension…

There are absolutely no pretty pictures in this post, I’m sorry.

We’ve actually made a lot of progress this week, but it doesn’t really show in the photos.

The boys have started to run the cables for the lighting in the extension which is really exciting, because once the cables and the pipes are run then we can start to plasterboard the walls (and it’ll finally look like a room instead of a building project!).

Downstairs will be our new living room, and it’ll be accessed through a doorway from a room which is currently our snug, but will eventually be the hallway. In the original extension (which we knocked down but have rebuilt in a similar space) there was a double door to it from one side of the fireplace and a single door on the other side (it was completely unnecessary for two doors but as we’ve established, this house is quirky!). Both of these are currently blocked up with plywood (as they were external walls for a couple of months whilst we were building the new extension).

The plan is to brick up the single door and leave an opening in half of the double door (so we can walk through still!) and brick up the other half.

The problem is the half that needs bricking up is where the light switch needs to go, and apparently not being able to put this in place was slowing down the wiring!

So on Saturday I came home to the rather lovely surprise of a wall going up:

The view from the snug into the extension.

And the view looking the opposite way.

Lee is not a brick layer, and it’s a job he despises but as it will be covered by plasterboard it doesn’t have to be perfect. Having said that I think he’s getting really good at it.

The first wall done.

As this was originally an external wall it’s really thick so he’s had to build a double skin wall  to support both of the original lintels (you can see the wall ties in the photo above). Normally we’d have been able to use stud walling in this location, but as we’re having to make some other structural adjustments to this room we thought it was better to support it properly.

Second wall almost finished

And that’s it finished – for now anyway! The plywood walls have been cut in half and are still being used to block up the gap on the right. At some point this will be replaced with a door frame and a new door!

And Lee can now get the switch on the wall and carry on with the wiring!