Spring Clean Update

Because of all of the building work that’s been going on recently I’ve completely screwed myself over with this challenge, but I am adamant that I will get all of the odd jobs done by the end of March.

So far, I’ve actually done none of the jobs on my list, but I have been productive at buying things!

I’ve ordered new brackets for a shelf in the living room, and strips for the floor for the doors upstairs.

The strips of wood we’ll use as edging strips

I was tempted to whitewash the wardrobe floor, but I’ve decided to use up the stain we had already bought for this room to keep costs down.

We’ve also decided to use a piece of Ash that we had left over from our living room windowsills  for the mantle piece

And finally, I spent days searching for the perfect blind for the bathroom. What I really wanted was a bamboo wooden blind. I thought it would be easy to find the perfect one, but unfortunately not.

All of the wooden ones that were in the shape I liked were oak veneer instead of bamboo and the bamboo ones were cheaper roller blind styles, and I wanted the premium feel of a wooden blind instead.

New shelf brackets

I’d set myself a maximum budget of £100, and at the moment I’ve just got the blinds left to buy. The brackets were £40 after delivery, the wooden strips for the floor were £8.48 so I’ve got £50 to play with for the blind – easier said than done still! Everything else I’ve managed to find by rummaging around the house and workshops.

So this leaves one weekend to actually do all the jobs to complete the challenge! We’ve got Harris’s first birthday party on the Saturday, and it’s Mothers Day on Sunday, but I am determined to manage it!