Spring Clean Update

Well around a month ago I set myself a challenge of finishing lots of jobs during the month of March. I was bored with the lack of progress and though a ‘Spring Clean challenge’ would mean I achieved something.

Then, we hired a builder, tore the middle section of the house to pieces and essentially got a fair amount of work done (I’ve not blogged about it all yet – watch this space!).

My original plan was to get all of the work done by the end of March with a budget of £100, but given the fact we were out of the house for 10 days (living with my mum whilst all the work was completed) then I ‘allowed’ myself an extra week to get some odd jobs finished.

This is how I got on…

The Challenge: Finish the Living Room mini revamp

The plan was to change the shelf under our TV.

How I got on:

Yep this one is still waiting…

I sourced a piece of wood that we’re planning on using and bought some beautiful new shelf brackets but we haven’t yet put the shelf up. We need to cut the shelf to size and it’s just been one of these jobs we haven’t quite managed to do yet. We do however have a plan, and everything ready to go:

The Challenge: Change the edging strip in the Living Room

The carpet in the living room was frayed and I wanted to change the edging strip to cover this up.

How I got on:

Yep, this one isn’t done either! However, the reason for this is that we’re now well on with all the work in the hallway (the room outside the living room). This means it was pointless changing the edging strip because:

  1. There is now a dust sheet fitted around this door which is screwed down to the floor and would make fitting a new edging strip pretty difficult
  2. At some point over the next few months we’ll be decorating the hallway and landing and we’ll change the edging strip when we know what flooring will be on the other side.

I don’t feel too bad about not finishing this one.

The Challenge: Finish off the join between the en-suite and the bedroom

The tiles in our en-suite just finished and there was no transition between them and our bedroom floorboards. We wanted a nice neat finish to them.

How I got on:

This one is done! We used an edging strip that we got from B&Q and a bit of no more nails to just finish this off neatly:

The Challenge: Fit some bathroom blinds

The lack of window treatment was stopping me sharing the reveal photos so I wanted to resolve this.

How I got on:

I was adamant that I wanted bamboo wooden blinds (as opposed to the roller style bamboo ones). I spent weeks searching for ones I loved and literally couldn’t find anything.

In the end I went for a medium oak style one instead. I’m happy with the overall effect – the bathroom feels that bit warmer for having them in place (and is more functional too!):

The Challenge: Bathroom finishing touches

We had various things (hanging plants, fitting hooks etc) that were still on ‘the list’.

How I got on:

Done, done, done! I’m not sharing any photos on this post because I’ll share the whole reveal photos later this week.

The Challenge: Sort the wardrobe floor

The plan was originally to stain the bedroom floor, and we started it and decided we hated it. This meant that the stain finished half way through the wardrobe which I didn’t like!

How I got on:

Yet another one crossed off the list. We extended the stain up to the edge of the wardrobe and it’s now got a clean joint to distinguish between the wardrobe and the bedroom:

The Challenge: Hang a mirror in the wardrobe

With most of the house packed away this one suddenly became urgent as the wardrobe I used was no longer accessible.

How I got on:

I now have a full length mirror on the inside of the wardrobe door. That’s another one complete!

My target was to achieve everything in under £100 and I ended up spending £120 which wasn’t *too* much of an overspend. This includes the mirror, blind, edging strips, floor stain as bathroom finishing touches (a lot of which I used things I already had) as well as the brackets and shelf for the living room too which I am adamant will be finished this month too!

All in all it was a much more productive month than usual – Lee however is despairing with me for thinking that putting bathroom hooks up was more important than fitting temporary floorboards to stop us all falling down holes!