Spring Clean Challenge

Things have been VERY quiet around here. I’ll explain a little more in the next post I write, but one of the big issues was we just we’re able to get jobs done on the house as fast as I wanted to blog about them. One job (removing a window) took three weeks to remove and brick up. We’ve not fitted the new one yet, but we initially thought the whole thing would be done in a weekend.

There are just very few hours in a day to get jobs done – especially juggling the boys – and inevitably the ‘finishing touches’ of jobs always seems to be forgotten.

So, I’ve decided to challenge myself to get a lot of them finished. Most people use Spring Clean to get tidy and organised, instead we’re taking on a massive building project and so instead I thought I’d set myself the following things to try and get done over the next month:

Finish the Living Room mini revamp

We started tweaking a little bit of our living room back in January. All that’s left of this is the shelf that’s under our TV: it was always a short term fix as we planned to put a fire place surround then when we found the right one, but I’ve decided that actually I prefer a shelf, so now I need to find the correct brackets, and get a shelf that’s the right proportion for this space instead.

Change the edging strip in the Living Room

Our cat was shut in this room overnight, which resulted in the inevitable pulling up of the carpet that all cat owners will be familiar with. The problem now is that the kids are starting to play with the bit that is frayed, so we could do with trapping it down under a wider strip.

Finish off the join between the en-suite and the bedroom

There’s a step between the bathroom tiles and the floorboards in our bedroom and it annoys me because it just looks unfinished. All I plan to do is glue down some form of beveled wooden strip just to neaten this off.

Fit some bathroom blinds

The en-suite has been ‘finished’ for a year but one of the jobs that is stopping me blogging about it is that I still haven’t fitted blinds. I know what style I want – maternity pay just meant I kept delaying buying them!

Bathroom finishing touches

We have some hooks that I keep meaning to fit to the back of the bathroom door, and I have a hanging plant that needs a hook fitting in the ceiling. Literally five minute jobs that I keep putting off.

Sort the wardrobe floor

We were originally going to stain the bedroom floorboards, and when we started we realised we hated it. Luckily we’d started in the wardrobe, so we just stopped, but now the wardrobe floor is patchy and a job ‘for another day’.

Hang a mirror in the wardrobe

We only have one full length mirror in the house at the moment, but it’s in a part of the house that’s about to have building work started. Logically it makes sense to try and move this into the wardrobe so that’s the last job on my list.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get them all done in the next couple of weeks, but March is a very busy month (watch this space) so it’s definitely a challenge. I’m also hoping to do the majority of the work myself, without having to ask Lee for help as he’ll have his hands full with other things. And finally – I’m hoping that I’ll be able to it all for no more than £100. We’ll see!