Seven of the Best Scandi Sideboards

As I mentioned in this post we spent a lot of timing searching for the perfect sideboard that we could adapt to cover our electric cabinet and none of the ones that I loved would fit, and I just didn’t love the ones that would. In the end we decided to make our own, but not before I compiled a list of my favourites. It seemed a shame to just keep them all to myself so I pulled together a mood board of them all instead.

The cabinet in the feature image is the one that I fell for the most: the white and concrete, the simplicity combined with the open shelf was right up my street, but the following six were all strong contenders too. In the end we settled for the ash style – we couldn’t think of a concrete substitute that wouldn’t be too heavy.

They’re all affordably priced (the cheapest is £141.99 and the most expensive is a tad bit pricey at £845 but the majority are around the £300-£400 mark).

Scandi sideboards

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What do you think? Are there any that you’d consider?