Room Reveal: The Nursery

So I talked through all of the work we’d done to get the Nursery ready in this post. We’d had to insulate the walls, then plasterboard them, then skim them, put all lots of cladding to expose the beam, sand it back, fit new windowsills, architrave and skirting board before finally being able to paint it all and refit the carpet.

Luckily for us, this room is south facing which means it gets a good amount of light throughout the day, and we’ve been able to use a couple of pale shades of grey without it looking blue.

We were never going to go crazy with this room. We didn’t know which gender we were having (and would like to be able to use this room for any future children too) so we stuck with a neutral colour, and an ‘adventure’ theme that was very appropriate for us.

It’s not the most ‘out there’ room by any stretch of the imagination, but we felt it was perfect for a baby and even more perfect for OUR baby.

And it’s so lovely just to have one clean, finished room and so we try and spend as much time in here as possible.

So here you have, our Nursery:

There is a ‘let her sleep’ version behind this one as we didn’t know which gender we were having. Lee swapped them over before Ewan and I got home from hospital.

Our gorgeous light from habitat.

Copper lights (of course!) around the tipi reading corner.

The wooden boards were my birthday present from ‘the baby’ along with the stencils, craft knife and spray paint. I had to make them myself (Lee thinks he’s hilarious!). 

So there you have it. What do you think? Would you have picked grey for a Nursery?