Ripping up the patio

So the sun has come out which has meant that we’ve ignored all of the important jobs we really need to get on with, and headed out to the garden.

We’re trying to get the garden to the point where it’s low maintenance, but will continue to establish itself whist we work on other things. This really means we’ve planted some trees and have tried to encourage some grass to grow back in the areas that we churned up with a digger last summer when building the extension.

We still in the process of designing the garden, and it’s absolutely at the bottom of the priority list, but when we finally get around to sorting it, it’ll be nice if we have an established lawn.

The previous owners of the house used to manufacture swimming pools and I’m assuming that’s why they used pool tiles to create a patio area around the pond. Not only was this so slippy it was lethal (especially when icy), we’d also cracked or pulled up a lot of them when driving the digger over them meaning the patio looked something like this:



In addition to this, the patio currently was next to the back door (which will move eventually) and at the opposite end of the house from where the conservatory (and patio doors!) will be. It seemed to make sense to pull this up and relocate the patio to the other end of the garden.

Plus it meant Lee got to use a digger again:

So up came the flags:


And with them a massive slab of concrete leaving a huge gap in the ground that needed back filling before we could put grass down:

So that turned a quick hour or two’s worth of job into another week long adventure as we had to order top soil, take down the fence behind us backing onto next door’s land so that we could get a delivery in, and spend a few days filling in the ground leveling it, waiting for it to settle and then filling it in again.

Whilst we were doing all of this we took advantage of having the digger and got the levels right for a path around the house (there is a step down to this from the garden so Lee wanted to make sure the run off to the drains was correct):

I feel I need a disclaimer to say Ewan wasn’t actually on a moving digger – Lee was just holding him whilst I took the photo!

The lower level is the path around the house – with the grass being up a step. We’re currently using boards to try and stop everyone treading mud back into the house – one day we’ll get round to putting a proper path in.

By Saturday though we were in a position where we could start to get the turf down.

laying turf

laying turf

Lee and his dad ignoring all of the rules about using boards to lay turf and just standing on it anyway!

The new grass looks amazing, even Ewan thinks so:

We’ve also added some top soil around the edges of the turf and grass seed to that and the patchy areas to try and blend it all in. We’ll see how well that works over the next few weeks.

At the moment the new grass looks wonderful and just highlights how bad the rest of the lawn is! It’s so tempting to buy turf and redo the rest of it.

Lee’s dad snapped this one of the three of us inspecting progress. It’s not the most flattering, but there’s never pictures of all three of us so I’m sharing it anyway!

We both know that we really need to focus on the extension as we’re just letting it stagnate at the moment, but it’s so difficult to find reasons not to work on the garden when the weather is like this:

new turf