Removing the Plasterboard, Render and Insulation

This weekend we roped in some babysitters in the shape of Lee’s parents and kicked the boys out of the house with them. The plan was to get them as far away as possible from what was going to be a horrible, messy job.

We’d pulled a lot of render and plasterboard off the walls as we’d been fitting the windows, building stud walls but we still had about half of the walls needing the old stuff removing.

We knew from three years ago when we pulled down the original extension that the insulation behind the walls was not in a good condition, which is why it’s important to us that we remove it room by room as we work our way through the house, and unsurprisingly in this lot we had pieces of insulation and plasterboard covered in what we can only presume is mice faeces.

The old fiberglass insulation (that our house was full of!) is an irritant and can cause breathing issues, so there are no photos of us taking any of it out as we were in full protective paper suits and respro masks but now it’s out the rooms look like this:

The hallway now looks like this

The hallway ceiling without plaster or insulation


And the front wall of the house without any render on


The landing ceiling without plasterboard and insulation

The front wall without insulation

Ewan’s ceiling

The office

And this means that we’re not at the point of not making anything ‘worse’. We’ve only got them chimney breast to build and the flue to fit and the snug floor to finish before all of the key elements are in place and from that point it’s a case of ‘making everything better’ and plumbing, wiring, insulating and plastering. At the moment we’re hoping to be ready to start all of that work by the end of August, which seems doable at the moment. Hopefully that will mean that the plumbing is done and the central heating is working again (we haven’t had any since January!) by the time it gets cold as we really don’t want to have to do another winter without!