Recovering our garden

When we moved in the garden was in a pretty good condition:

It wasn’t to our taste, but it was well looked after. Then we started building the extension and had to drive various diggers through the garden multiple times, which churned up the garden a bit:

Although the garden is the bottom of our priorities, we want to try and spend a bit of time now to try and get a few bits reestablished. We’re planning to move the patio from where it is near the drive to the opposite end of the garden near where we’ll build the conservatory (and have the patio doors), so we’ll be replacing this section of patio with grass, and also trying to regrow the grass is some of the places that were churned up over last summer:

Where the new patio will eventually be going.

The grass starting to grow back around the extension.

We’re also in the process of planting some trees so hopefully they’ll be established by the time we come to landscape the garden properly. We should have around 8 or so planted by the start of the summer.

It’s just little baby steps at the moment, as we’re spending as much time as we can spare on the house. The garden is as much of a building site as the house is! But hopefully by putting the effort in now, by Summer 2018 we’ll have something a little bit nicer to enjoy.