Plasterboard on half of the walls

At various points over the last five months we’ve had lots of rooms without walls between them. This has been a nightmare to try and control dust levels so we’ve been working really hard to get to a point where we’ve got all the stud walls rebuilt in the correct places so that we could get plasterboard up between them all.

Recently we finished the stud walls, and we’d got plasterboard on the stairs wall a couple of months ago so the ones we had left was the one between the office and Ewan’s new room, and the walls around the doorways to each.

Last week, here’s how the space looked:

And now with the plasterboard in place…

From the other end of the landing it now looks like:

We’ve only plastered one half of the walls. This is because we need to run all of the pipes for the plumbing and all of the wires for the electrics, so we still need access to the walls. By fitting the walls on the landing side (as opposed to in the rooms) we’re able to run all of the wires but seal the rooms off still so the kids can’t get near the wires (it’s not easy living with kids in a building site!) On top of this we’re yet to fit any insulation so we still need to be able to access the walls to do this.

The dividing wall between the office and Ewan’s room now looks like this from the office side:

But from Ewan’s bedroom it has a full wall of plasterboard:

And then finally from the stairs it looks like this:

Now I know this is essentially a post full of pictures with grey walls and a few screws thrown in for good measure (quality content here everyone!) but there’s not really a way to dress up plasterboard! Anyone who has gone through a renovation will be able to vouch for how exciting it is when the plasterboard gets fitted so it’s too good not to share!