Our new #Shelfie

We’ve been making some tweaks to our living room this month; a snowball effect of the decorations coming down a few weeks ago. I’ll share the whole mini makeover asap, but for the time being I’ve been tweaking one particular bit because it doesn’t quite seem ‘right’ yet.

We had a big expanse of white space to the left of the TV and I wanted to do something about it. We ended up buying the MOSSLANDA picture ledge from IKEA. It’s so affordable (£9) and is really unobtrusive.

Once up this is what we were starting with:

Obviously we had absolutely no intention of moving the switch and the thermostat, and as the clock was already on the wall we though we’d work with it and style around them. (Obviously it wouldn’t have been difficult to move the clock but I liked it!).

I gathered various items we had to use (I was not rushing out the month after Christmas/ maternity leave to buy new things):

And we ended up with these three options:

Shelfie One: 

This is probably closest in keeping with everything else we already have in the living room. Natural elements, wooden frames, a neutral colour pallet with touches of brass.

Shelfie Two:

Black, white and brass. Very minimal, quite glam, but with that wicked pineapple print in the frame, which is probably a bit too topical for me, but I do love it!


Shelfie Three:

A lot more (too much?) colour than my usual taste. That geometric pattern is really subtle so I tried picking it up with prints and of course the terracotta pot with the succulent in.

So what do you think? Which one should I stick with? Or should I use elements of each? Let me know!