Our Greenhouse Makeover

We’ve taken advantage of great weather, the last of my maternity leave (sob) and some holidays to get out in the garden and get some jobs done including sorting out the lamp post at the front of the house and more recently fixing our lawn.

The extension was starting to feel a little monogamous so it’s been lovely to all be outside in the sunshine ticking some more things off the to-do list.

One of the ones that we’ve been meaning to do for a while is tackle our overgrown greenhouse…

It’s been thick with brambles for months now, and even though Lee went at it with a strimmer to cut them all back, they still needed tearing up and sorting out.

So Lee handed me a spade and I got digging. (And yes I made him take the following photo as proof that I do actually help out every now and then and I don’t just walk around taking the photos!)

We also removed quite a bit of the soil that was filling the greenhouse as we wanted it level so that we could lay paving flags on top.  Lee just fashioned a leveling device out of some random wood he just had lying around.

We then pulled the old extension carpet out of the garage. For some reason we’d kept it (despite it being the wrong size for the new extension) so we used it as a membrane layer to keep the brambles at bay.

All followed by a layer of sand to bed the paving flags on.

Out came the grinder to cut the flags to fill in the gaps,

And then a batch of cement to fill in the edges:

With the new floor in place, the next job was replacingthe glass panels. Obviously glass is not the safest material, and the idea of Ewan running around the garden in a couple of years and falling through the panels was terrifying, so they had to go.

The new panels are made from strong plastic, and were already cut to size for most of the gaps. There were only a couple of pieces that Lee had to cut himself just to finish it off.

Harvey looking handsome in the sun.

Then it was just a quick sweep out before it was ready for us to fill with plants! We’re planning on putting shelves up at some point but at least it will hopefully stay weed free until then.