Our Front Path

Over the summer we’ve been doing a lot of work to the front of the house. I’m saving the reveal for next week (but you might have caught a sneak peak of what we’ve been upto in an earlier post if you’re keen) but wanted to share all of the work that had got us there.

You might remember that our house used to look something like this:

We are by no means finished at the front, but this summer we’ve really made some good head way to getting it closer to how we wanted it to be. One of the main differences is of course that the half height windowless extension has been pulled down, to make way for our new extension, but recently we also managed to fit a front door.

Front door fitted, we needed to create a path to it. We wanted a short dwarf wall either side of the door (eventually we’ll build an open timber framed porch on this – but we need to move a window that’s in the way first) and a pathway from the road up to it. We then wanted grass on either side.

The wall ties for the base of what will become.the porch

You’ll be able to see from the top photo that involved pulling out a dwarf wall that ran across the entrance. It was an ugly thing made from concrete but it acted as a barrier to stop flooring to our house. To pull it out we needed to run a grid across the new path (and connect it up to the surface water drain that ran below). We also wanted to create a boarder between the gravel that would go directly up to the house and the grass next to it which we did with oak sleepers:

Harris inspecting the work.

The old wall needing to come out and the new sleepers ready to go in.


We then had a brickie build the wall either side of the door out of reclaimed bricks.

As part of the work we did to the back garden over the summer we hired a digger, so we took advantage of this at the same time to pull the front wall out:

We then leveled it all off with top soil:

Before scattering grass seed all over it:

Lee also had to do a bit of work to brick around a small man hole and bring it up to the correct level…

…before finally being able to start the front path.

For the path he had to fit the grid drain, before creating a surface with some of the stones we had left from the back garden to bed the flags onto. We needed a kerb either side of the path as a boarder between the path and the grass, so he cut some flags down to the correct side (they slope away to the road) with a circular saw and the bedded them down with cement.

Then it was just a case of putting grout in between the flags and then cleaning it all up and waiting for the grass to grow!

Want to see how it all looks now? Keep your eyes peeled – I’m sharing the photos next week.