Our Bedroom Door

Our Master Bedroom is in the extension we built. We knocked through months ago, through the gable end wall of what was the smallest room (and will eventually be our landing). We didn’t quite finish the job though, and that is why you’ve never seen this corner of my bedroom before…

We were up against the clock when it came to finishing the extension (Harris’s arrival was immanent!) and so we prioritised the en-suite over the bedroom door. This was never an issue as we could shut off the tiny bedroom (the one that will become the landing) meaning we could close off this room completely still and keep the animals out.

The problem is, we’re now starting work on this landing (the first job is moving a window!) and so suddenly it’s become a bigger priority to have a bedroom door in place.

Step one to fixing this, was creating a frame inside the existing steel frame which is holding up the doorway.

The next step was getting a door to fit. We were debated buying a ledge and brace style door as we thought it would be the best style to cut a corner off, but we were worried as it would be a latch style fastening which we didn’t think the seal around the door would be tight enough to keep out all of the dirt, but the final nail in the coffin was the door would have cost around £200. We’d have considered paying it, but given we were about to do a lot of construction right next to it, it seemed a waste of money.

Instead we decided we’d make a make-shift style door, and then upgrade to a nicer one in a few years when all the work is finished. We had a door in place that we didn’t need (it shuts off a space outside our bathroom which we use as a landing area anyway) so our plan was to use this, and then fake some panelling before painting it white…

Lee left me with a set of instructions including removing the door and creating a template of the new shape, so I dutifully dug out my tools….

(yes I have a pink tool kit)

…and then created a template…

…and then Lee came home and did it all again himself!

He cut the door down, clamped and glued it all together and left it to dry overnight. He then went about fitting it, to find it just disintegrated and threw it in the trailer before I’d even got chance to photograph it!

So take two – we got one of the better quality doors we have ready for all the other rooms. We’d avoided it initially because we thought the paneling would look weird with a diagonal line through it, but it got to a needs must situation where we didn’t want to waste any more money, and we really needed a door in place.

Turns out, the diagonal line wasn’t actually too bad:

Lee filled in the hollow bit caused by cutting the corner off with expanding foam and then trimmed it down and neatened it up:

Then he hung the door. We still need to fit the latch and handle, but it’s almost finished other than that. Eventually we need to fit architrave around the door, but if we do this then we wont be able to get the floorboards up (which we need to do when we rewire the rest of the house) so it’s staying like this for the time being:

We’re not glossing it for the same reason, so it’ll stay as a half a job for the next few months but will hopefully get finished off properly when it comes to decorating the landing.