Nine Years To Go

This Saturday was the anniversary of us moving to this house. A whole year since we moved here and decided this would be our project for the next ten years. And as life does, it’s absolutely flown by. I know I did a summary of what we’d achieved already in January, so it seems a bit repetitive to do a similar post but it also seemed appropriate to mark the occasion.  So instead of a bit long list, I thought I’d share a photo recap of the highlights:

April 2016

We bought a house and moved ourselves, my large bump and a cat and a dog in.

May 2016


We separated all of the services to the other two lots that were originally fed from our house and we started to dig and dye test the drains ready to move them so that they wouldn’t run under the extension.

June 2016


We pulled down the original extension, moved all of the drains and pumped out the disused septic tank we discovered under the extension.

July 2016

We decorated the Nursery ahead of Ewan’s arrival including insulating the two external wall, re plastering them, exposing the beam in the ceiling and rewiring.

August 2016

We dug the foundations for the extension and conservatory and poured the slab two weeks before my due date! The builder took over the following  week and started to construct the extension.

September 2016

We had a baby! Almost two weeks late (and after a four day labour) Ewan made an appearance. Lee (with some help from our dads) spent a fair amount of his paternity leave roofing the extension after the roofer didn’t bother to showup.

October 2016

Work started on the garage extension, and Lee fitted the windows to the house extension before it was rendered.

November 2016

We painted the render, fitted the patio doors and finished roofing the extra bit of roof we have on the ground floor.

December 2016

We took a break! And enjoyed our first Christmas as parents in our new house. (And I started this blog).

January 2017

Lee bricked up the gap between the old house and started to wire up the extension.

February 2017

A lot more wires were run and we added a door between the old house and extension (instead of having to walk outside and through the patio doors to do jobs!)

March 2017

We sowed grass seed to start regrowing the lawn after we’d destroyed it with diggers the previous summer, and planted various trees in the garden. We raised the levels in the front garden and refurbished and wired up the lamp post.

April 2017

We pulled up the patio, back filled and leveled the gap it had left and turfed it all.

It’s been a fairly productive year and although we’re still absolutely living in a building site, I’m so proud of what we (Lee mainly!) have done and feeling optimistic about carrying on!

One year down, nine to go!