So everyone warned me about nesting.

And I don’t think I believed them.

I’m not a neat freak. I like my house looking pretty, but I’m happy to live with it in a bit of a mess until it gets there. I hate cleaning. I’ve been asking Lee for years whether we can get a cleaner, but he feels that it’s a waste of money. But honestly, there are few things I hate doing more than tidying. It’s such a waste of time. Don’t get me wrong, I clean when I need to, but I’m definitely one of those people who can live with footprints on the floor knowing that if I mop one day there will just be more mud the following day.

And then BAM! Seven months pregnant, and I could not cope with mess.

Not only we were living in a building site (which was just getting messy as quickly as I could clean it) I wasn’t in a fit state to:

A. Clean it well,

B. Help out and get the work done faster.

I think I started driving Lee mad.And bless him, he really is a fairly tolerant person (I’m the one with absolutely no patience). There he was spending ever spare second he had desperately trying to build an extension before the baby arrived, and I was crying every time he stepped into my house and left a footprint behind.

(Just to be clear he wouldn’t be walking in the house with muddy feet if it was finished, but if you haven’t already seen this post, there really wasn’t much to try and keep ‘nice’).

As the upstairs extension was going to be our new bedroom, we were sleeping in what would become bedroom 3 (bedroom 2 and 3 are similar sizes). We’d picked this one because it was the furthest away from the building work. The plan was that we’d keep the baby in with us for the first 6 months and then move him or her into her own room (bedroom 2).

But plans change. As we want two kids, and I don’t want to do a nursery twice, we decided that this baby would have the nursery until we needed it for a second child, and then we’d move the eldest into bedroom 2.

This meant the nursery was the only room in the house that wasn’t going through any major changes and we could decorate it whenever. So we moved bedrooms leaving Lee free to carry on with the extension as I distracted myself decorating the nursery.

As I’ve already apologized for, I forgot to take the before photos. 

First jobs were the messy ones – so once we’d lifted the carpet to save that (as it was brand new) it was off with the old skirting board, the window tiles, the cladding around the beam (Lee being the superstar he is  found half an hour spare to sand it properly).

As we’ll be rewiring the house, the first job was to make sure that we had the cables run for any new plug sockets, and then insulate the external walls.

Rory making an appearance because my animals are just attention seekers!

Our upstairs doesn’t have a cavity, so we needed to insulate two walls and the ceiling before fastening plaster board back on and getting it skimmed. Plastering is one of the few jobs that Lee won’t attempt himself but luckily we have a friend of a friend who is very good.

New windowsills were bought and fitted and waxed to match the beam.

Once the plaster was dry it was on with the painting. We attached new skirting boards, and architrave around the windows before glossing them (another job Lee had to do as I’m not allowed to gloss whilst pregnant).

And then it was a case of cleaning up before the carpet was fitted.

I’m going to be sharing the ‘after’ photos of it all in another post soon so make sure you come back and check for that.