Moving the Upstairs Wall

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll be fairly clued up with all of the work we’ve been doing to move pretty much every internal wall in our house. If you’re not and want to catch up, you can do that here. If not, then the abridged version is below (otherwise this post is yet more DIY photos that will make very little sense!

Downstairs on our house, we have spent a great deal of time removing the chimney, adding a front door, building a partition wall in what was the original living room and moving the stairs from the back of the house to the front in order to make a bit more sense of the house. This is probably best shown in the below before and after floorplan:

With the majority of the work downstairs complete, our attention turned to upstairs. The new stairs pop up into what used to be the smallest bedroom, and after we built our extension became the passage into our new room. It was a natural place to create the landing as it was wasted space in it’s existing format, and was also a convenient location to place the stairs.

After we finished our extension, but before we started any of the latest work, this space looked like this:

The wall on the left of this room (you can’t see it on the above picture) is the stud wall between this room and the original master (which will become Ewan’s room). The problem we created was to comfortably fit the stairs into this space, we needed to move this wall back (into Ewan’s room) by around 150mm.

If you want a reminder of how Ewan’s room used to look, this¬† is the best ‘before’ picture I have. The wall we’re talking about is off to the right here:

The original plan was to leave this wall in place for the next few weeks (getting the stairs in was a priority) and we thought we’d be able to cope with it just sticking out over a bit of the stairs, but when Lee started to fit the stairs it became apparent that it would need to come down. We were left with pretty much the entire middle of the house open:

In the above photos (sorry we’re facing in the complete opposite direction from the ‘before’ pictures) you can see the new partition wall downstairs between the hallway and the ‘snug’, the wardrobes left in what will be Ewan’s room and bottom left, the risers for the new staircase (you can also see the old stairs in the back corner of the snug too) and finally you can see all the way up to the attic with the steel beams in place to support the chimney.

The wall was only taken down where the stairs opening was, so we had about a week of just having the following little bit of the old wall left (on the left side of this picture):

You can see above how it just overlaps the stairs and would have meant we couldn’t fit the riser (the diagonal piece of wood that goes from the top to bottom on either side of the stairs).

Once this last little bit of wall was pulled down, we started to build the new dividing wall between Ewan’s room and our new landing:

So essentially we now finally have a landing!

There’s still quite a lot of work to do up here; the wardrobes need to come out so we can move the other wall in Ewan’s room to create an office in the stairs void (and fit a floor in that space too) but the majority of the work is now done, and the house is almost in it’s final layout configuration!