Making over a Lamp Post

We were really lucky to inherit Lee’s grandad’s lamp post when he passed away. It wasn’t without it’s faults: it was rusty, painted in a delightful shade of pea green and the light did’t actually work, but it was sentimental to Lee as it used to sit in the centre of his grandparents garden, plus we knew that with a bit of TLC it would be beautiful.

The plan was to paint the post of the lamp black instead of it’s green shade:

And the lamp itself (which was the same colour as the post) I obviously wanted copper (what else?!).

It’s shorter than most lamp posts, but as our house is too it’s actually a really good scale to keep everything looking balanced. We wanted it at the front of our house, and we own a patch of land just to the right of the building and in front of our garden fence which seemed perfect for it.

If you’ve seen some of my earlier posts you’ll know that we have drains that run along the front of the house, before diverting under this fence to the septic tank and surface water run off in the garden:

Lee wanted to get everything finished before we put the lamp up, so the last week or two have involved numerous jobs including finishing off the man hole cover for the surface water drains:

Ewan inspecting his Daddy’s work

He’s then got the ducting in place so that we have power to the lamp:

Before casting the cement base for the lamp post to sit on.

If you compare the next photo with the previous one you’ll notice the soil sits at different levels. That’s because he’s spent hours moving soil from the back garden (saved from digging out the extension) to get the level correct here at the front.


By this point we were finally ready to think about getting the lamp post working, so Lee grinded the rust and any flaking paint off the post before we painted it black with Hammerite and his dad took the lamp home to wire it up for us.

As I mentioned the plan was to spray the lamp copper, but we got a phone call from my father in law after he got home. He’d had a propper look at the lamp and it turns out it was actually made from copper, with brass detailing on it. A couple of tins of Nitromorse and a lot of elbow grease from him later and it cleaned right up. And it was stunning.


All that beautiful copper hidden under that green paint

We were finally at the point of fitting the post to the base that Lee had cast (he’s leveling it in the photo below) and connecting up all of the wiring.


And then finally he could wire up and level the lamp itself:


We love it. It’s so nice to have something so sentimental that’s beautiful too. It’s on a light sensor so it comes on when it gets dark and we happened to see it come on for the first time too which sounds silly, but was so exciting! The plan in not to plant up the soil it’s sat on with some bulbs before grass seeding it all.

It’s been lovely to be outside doing jobs again instead of cooped up wiring up the extension!