Living Room Mini Reveal

The living room was one of the first rooms we got finished. Almost two years later I still love it, however one wall has always annoyed me:

The shelf above the fireplace had always been a short term solution. We planned to install a proper mantle piece eventually, but over time I realised I liked a shelf – just wanted one that was a better scale for the wall. The walls either side of the fireplace seemed very white, and had started to annoy me. I found my eye drawn to them – normally a sign that I’m not happy with something.

As well as all of this, we ended up needed more and more storage for the kids toys. So after what seems like six months of planning we finally got round to tweaking things a bit:

I’m much happier with the space now. There’s more interest, and the ‘white’ doesn’t jump out at you. The white box units are part of ikea’s infamous kallax range. I swore I wouldn’t be one of ‘those mums’ who turn to them, but after searching on Pinterest for inspiration they just came up again and again and I must admit I love them. They fit the space really well.

The new shelf under the TV is made from the same wood as out windowsils and it’s so much better than what we had before. The brackets are part of the pythagoras range, which I adore. They can be used in a multiple of ways (we’ve actually got ours the wrong way round but we felt this worked better with the fire place opening).

So what do you think? Is it an improvement? Let me know in the comments below…