It’s begining to look…

…a lot like Christmas here.

We’ve been running ourselves into the ground trying to get as much of the work done as possible (as well as decorating one rooms – more of that later) ahead of our usual ‘downing tools for December’. We find it really important to give ourselves a good break for Christmas and given that we’ve worked solidly for the last 9 months, we absolutely deserve it.

Inevitably, we’ve spend every spare second in November trying to get as much finished as possible (slightly counter productive!) which means that we’ve neglected family time and it’s been complete radio silence on the blog.

This weekend we’ve had some lovely down time. We’ve had a great family trip out to take the boys on a Santa Train and we’ve managed to get the decorations up. (Hurrah!)

It’s also been beautifully frosty here all weekend and so we’re completely in the Christmas spirit now:

Back inside we’ve reverted to quite a traditional Nordic colour scheme this year as I felt in the mood for a change. Here’s how it’s looking:

Outside this is the first year we’ve had the porch to decorate. We’ve kept things simple (one day when the front of the house is rendered then we’ll go to town decorating this!) and have just put the fairy lights and wreath up:

In the kitchen we’ve got some of our dining set out too:

You might have noticed we’ve done some work on this room too (more on that later this week) as well as installing the fire and I will share some better photos of this soon! For now we”re going to enjoy it, the lights and the down time.