How to Create a Spa-Like Bathroom

A few weeks ago I shared the En suite reveal. The room is one of my favourite rooms in the house (let’s be honest, there are only four finished one’s so it’s not really that hard!) but it does feel like a luxury space. We very deliberately took a lot of inspiration from spa’s when we were decorating as I really wanted to create a space that I could really relax in. One of my favourite things to do when I get a rare 30 minutes ‘off’ from parenting is just taking some time to unwind and recharge (self care everyone!!) and these are my top tips for creating a space to do this:

1. Go natural

This was a big thing for me. A lot of the elements in this bathroom were very deliberately chosen for this reason: I always feel at peace more if we’ve spent a few days outside camping, so I wanted to bring the outside in. We have lots of wood, slate, and plants (a mixture of artificial and real).

2 . Decorate with tranquil colours

Personally, I am completely at peace with greys. In particular I love the darker anthracite colours but I also love concrete grey. I wanted to make sure this space had a ‘neutral’ pallet as the last thing I wanted was a room that was too busy fighting for my attention when I was trying to relax. If you find grey a despressing colour then a greige or other neutral might work better as you want to lift your mood, not lower it.

3. Channel your ‘happy’ place

We spend a lot of time in the Lake District and for us the slate on the walls is very reminiscent of the landscape and architecture up there. It’s a bolt hole for us, where life moves that bit slower, everything is a bit more simple and we have some of our best memories there. You might be able to achieve this in other ways – soaps and hand wash that you’ve used in a favourite hotel or perhaps artwork on the walls, you want to have a couple reminders of happy memories if possible

4. Create the mood

For full on spa mode I do the following: fill a mist diffuser with lavendar oil, put bubbles in the bath, change the lights (we have phillips hue bulbs which we can set with any colour) to a warm blush, and play a ‘spa playlist’ on the speaker (a Google home in the bedroom so can be activated hands free from the bath).

5. Don’t forget the extras

Allowing yourself a little luxury can be such a treat and can help make a random 30 minutes feel like a special occasion. I keep fancy soap, a good magazine a glass of wine (of course!) and the face masks and hair treatments that I never have time for usually in the cabinet and I make sure I use them at least once a month if possible. I also have beautiful towels (Christy ones!) that are always on show in the bathroom, but not allowed to be used normally (I can’t be the only one who has show towels?). Again, it’s such a treat when I actually break the rules on this one!

So there you have my top five’s. Are there any things you do to create a spa-like experience in your own home?