Getting ready to plaster

As often happens with these things, we had a ‘to-fix’ list with about 30 little jobs left to do before we could plaster. There’s nothing like a bit of pressure to make you get on with things and our plasterer told us he had a couple of free days to do the extension for us the following week so we had one of those weekends where you recruit a couple of babysitters (thank you parents!) and cheap (free) labour (more parents, uncles, friends and both of the brother in law’s).

We had around eight people at one point, with four teams: two people finishing odd jobs off upstairs, two people fitting plasterboard to the areas they could, and the same two teams again downstairs.

The wall closest to the rest of the house was the original gable end wall. We’d chased out channels in various parts of this wall to run cables for sockets and other bits of the wall used to be doors that we’d bricked up. It was a bit of a mess as so a lot of the wall needed browning first to get it as smooth as possible.

Once all of the wires were run (and walls cored out to fit the back boxes for all of the sockets and switches) we started to attach the plasterboard onto the walls.

Obviously this meant working around windows, doorways and cutting out holes for the switches and sockets.

We also had to contend with some funny shaped pieces of plaster board to fit in with the slopped ceiling upstairs, as well as the beams and Velux windows.


And then finally it was a case of fastening on all of the angle beading and covering gaps with scrim tape.

It was a fairly full on weekend but it’s always lovely to have company when we’re doing these jobs. Fingers crossed now I’ll finally start being able to blog some pretty pictures as it’s finally at the point where visible progress happens quickly!