Getting Ready for the Builder

So recently we decided that we needed to stop taking on all of the work ourselves. It was more important for us to save time (to spend as a family) than money so we found ourselves a builder and handed some of the work over.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll probably have seen the chaos on my stories. Essentially the middle of our house has been ripped to pieces.

This meant we had to completely empty the spare bedroom, the snug and the landing area outside our room. Better still – as the builder had a week free in his schedule – we had a week to get ready.

The problem with this is these two were the main spaces that we used as our living room and bedroom three years ago when we first moved in. When we finished our new living room¬†and bedroom we moved all of the nice things in, but all of the practical bits that we needed but weren’t particularly pretty stayed in these rooms and they became a bit of a dumping ground.

The Snug part cleared

It took two days just to clear these rooms. Books were boxed up, a lot of things were thrown away and important things that we didn’t want damaging (an electric piano) were moved to my Mum’s house temporarily.

We have some fitted wardrobes in the bedroom, so we filled these full with things that will come back out again when we’re ready to style the rooms (photo frames, ornaments, stationary etc).

Downstairs we needed to move the dining table outside, and we found new homes for both the dresser and the sofa as they won’t be needed anymore. We realised we had a bit of a problem with the sofa – initially it had come in through patio doors in the original extension when we first moved in. We had double doors between the snug and the living room back then, which we’d since bricked up. We literally couldn’t fit the sofa out of the room (even though we have a front door in this room now). Luckily we have a very large window at the back of the room, so we popped the middle pane of glass out of the frame and managed to carry it out this way instead.

Once the rooms were empty we removed radiators, pulled carpets up, took curtains down and removed gripper rods (we have two very young children and those things are lethal!).

The next step was to go on a dust prevention rampage. We taped up over all of the cracks in the wardrobe to try and keep dust away from all of the items we’d put in there. We also bought dust covers for all of the main doorways: into the living room, into the section with Ewan’s room/the bathroom and into our bedroom.

The builders would need access into the attic, which was via one of the ‘clean’ areas, so we hung dust sheets everywhere too just to try and minimise the mess.

And then finally we drained the central heating so that they could do all of the work without disturbing anything, and took down the gallery wall of all of Ewan’s nursery artwork that we’d built up over the last few months.

Obviously as well as all of this happening, Lee was also sourcing all of the materials (including beams) that we’d need for the work too. A fairly hectic week all in all!

It was worth spending the time preparing properly as the house is completely upside down now, and the last thing we’d have wanted to do is ruin all of the rooms we’ve already worked so hard to finish.

Have you ever had building work done? Any tips to keep the dust at bay?