Front Porch Update

We’re having our front porch made by the wonderful people at Furhg.  They create self build kits for oak porches so we’ll be assembling it ourselves when they’ve finished fabricating it. We asked them to send some photos of their workshop and the work they’re doing on the porch to share on here:

They’re built to size according to customers designs and requirements and then the product arrives in kit form, cut and marked ready for construction. Each porch is assembled and photographed in their studio before it leaves too so they can check that everything fits as it should.

Lee did the below drawings for the porch and so we’re hoping when finished it will look like this from the front:

And this from the side:

(with the beams sat on the brick wall we’ve already had constructed).

We’re getting very excited – we’re still a few weeks away having it delivered by hopefully it’ll all be assembled by spring (we need to move the two windows that are next to the door so that the porch fits first) and it’ll get us a step closer to the way we want the front of the house to look: