Front of the House (mini) Reveal

I know I said I was finished for Christmas, but sharing these photos without the decorations seemed stupid so just one last one for 2018…

So if you saw this post then you’ll have seen that a lot of the work this year was focused on the front of our house. We’ve spent a lot of time trying to turn what was the original back of the farm house into something with a bit more kerb appeal and even though we’ve a long way to go yet, we’re at a point where the work will stop for the next few months.

We’ve added a front door, front path and created a front garden where previously there was only grass. Over the next few years we’ll also be adding an oak porch around the door, moving some windows and re rendering the front of the house, and right now the render in particular really lets the work down, but we’ve made huge progress this year, and love the door and path so are willing to look past the bits that aren’t quite finished yet.

I thought I’d do this post as a mini reveal, so without further ado, here’s how it used to look:

And here’s how everything is looking at the moment:

It is, of course, decorated for Christmas complete with home made wreath…

 So it’ll do…for now. Hopefully we’ll make some more progress in 2019 but for the time being, we’ll just enjoy the Christmas lights.